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            Total Solution For Precision Injection Molding System
            Injection Molding Machine
            Plastic Processing System
            Mold Control System
            Robot for Injection Molding System


            Product Automation System
            Total Solution For AutoMatic Powder & Granule Ingredient Handling System And Blow Molding
            Powders Storage, Conveying and Distributing System (IBC)
            Granule Storage, Conveying and Distributing System
            Fully-automatic High-speed Extrude Blow Molding Machine
            Steam Sterilizing System
              Granule Storage, Conveying and Distributing System


            Conair opened it doors in 1956 as a manufacturer of plastics conveying equipment is much more than that today. In fact, Conair is now the largest and fastest growing producer of auxiliary equipment for plastics processing in the world. Conair makes and markets over 450 different products — from materials handling, drying and blending systems, to temperature control equipment, granulators and downstream systems for pipe and profile extrusion. And Conair is a leader in plastics process integration, helping plastics processors manage their valuable raw materials, handle their critical manufactured parts, and improve their process yield.

            Headquartered in Cranberry Township, PA, Conair manufactures and assembles its products at one fully integrated, 120,000-sq.-ft. plant in Franklin, PA, where employees handle everything from laser cutting of sheet metal to final assembly and painting. In its Technical Center in Cranberry Township, Conair has created a one-of-a-kind laboratory with injection molding cells and extrusion lines and all the latest auxiliary equipment. Here, under real-world conditions, Conair engineers test new designs and help customers with product evaluations and application solutions.

            Working with customer and supplier partners around the globe. Marshaling vast engineering and manufacturing resources to put good ideas to work. Fielding the largest, most experienced corps of service and support professionals in the business. Using unmatched experience and expertise in different markets and processes to develop equipment that is more reliable and more productive. This is Conair today.



            Central supply system

            Plastic material measurement mixing system

            Dehumidifying System

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