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            Total Solution For Precision Injection Molding System
            Injection Molding Machine
            Plastic Processing System
            Mold Control System
            Robot for Injection Molding System


            Product Automation System
            Total Solution For AutoMatic Powder & Granule Ingredient Handling System And Blow Molding
            Powders Storage, Conveying and Distributing System (IBC)
            Granule Storage, Conveying and Distributing System
            Fully-automatic High-speed Extrude Blow Molding Machine
            Steam Sterilizing System
              Powders Storage, Conveying and Distributing System (IBC)
              Matcon specialize in providing solutions for handling powders,
            granules, tablets and other materials in IBCs
            (Intermediate Bulk Containers). We have
            delivered value to our customers
            since 1980, helping them to achieve:

            • Increased productivity
            • Improved product quality
            • Batch traceability
            • Process efficiency
            • Economic production

            Matcon have a World-Wide presence and
            customer base and the capability to
            provide total IBC solutions, from single
            component level through to complete
            turnkey powder handling solutions.


            IBC mixer system IBC washing system Material storage / material funnel and discharge valve  
            Intermediate material storage IBC discharge station IBC filling system  
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