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                      Total Solution For Precision Injection Molding System
                      Injection Molding Machine
                      Plastic Processing System
                      Mold Control System
                      Robot for Injection Molding System


                      Product automation system
                      -- Plastic Product Automation System
                      -- Optical Production Automation
                      -- Lens Cutter
                      Total Solution For AutoMatic Powder & Granule Ingredient Handling System And Blow Molding
                      Powders Storage, Conveying and Distributing System (IBC)
                      Granule Storage, Conveying and Distributing System
                      Fully-automatic High-Speed Extrude Blow Molding Machine
                      Steam Sterilizing System
                        Product Automation System
                      Plastic Product Automation System

                      DVD manufacturing system (lN-LINE)

                      Extracting, checking and arraying system for medical
                        1.Multi Media Industry:
                      • Ultra high speed take-out production system for Disc(CD,MD,DVD)
                      • LCD gate cutting system
                      • COmputer key board assembly system
                      • A take-out system for narrow pitch connectors
                        2. Automobile?Physical Distribution (PD) Industries
                      • Lnsert molding system
                      • Bit focus fit equipments for housing products
                      • Pallet change machine
                      • AGV Transport system
                        3.Medical Industry:
                      • Clean and stock system
                      • All kinds of inspection system
                      • Medical instrument assembly line
                      • Petri dish assembly and bag stuffing system
                        4. Food industry
                      • System for short-shots,flash,pin holes inspection and placement of food containers
                      • Label insert system
                      • All kinds of packaging system
                      • PET bottles box packing system
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