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                      Total Solution For Precision Injection Molding System
                      Injection Molding Machine
                      Plastic Processing System
                      -- Central Conveying System
                      --Automatic Vacuum Dehumdifying Dryer
                      -- Heatless Dehumdifying Dryer
                      Mold Control System
                      Robot for Injection Molding Systems


                      Product Automation System
                      Total Solution For AutoMatic Powder & Granule Ingredient Handling System And Blow Molding
                      Powders Storage, Conveying and Distributing System (IBC)
                      Granule Storage, Conveying and Distributing System
                      Fully-automatic High-Speed Extrude Blow Molding Machine
                      Steam Sterilizing System
                        Plastic processing system
                      Central Conveying System

                      • Conair is a leading company in plastic processing and accessory industries worldwide. It has the largest number of clients in the world and helps its clients with productivity enhancement, efficiency improvement as well as solving process-related problems
                      • Conair is the only plastic processing and accessory company that provides the most thorough planning ability and professional technology, with more than 450 types of products manufactured and marketed.
                      • Type of products:
                        Raw material conveyor, dehumidifier, measurement mixing system, ice water/mold temperature controller, scrap crushing & recycling, automatic mechanical extractor, slicer, piping extrusion equipment and Energy Smart drying & conservation system.
                      Central conveying system
                      Plastic measurement mixing system
                      EAMDC-TC Dryer
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