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                      Total Solution For Precision Injection Molding System
                      Injection Molding Machine
                      Plastic Processing System
                      Mold Control System
                      Robot for Injection Molding System


                      Product Automation System
                      Total Solution For AutoMatic Powder & Granule Ingredient Handling System And Blow Molding
                      Powders Storage, Conveying and Distributing System (IBC)
                      Granule Storage, Conveying and Distributing System
                      Fully-automatic High-Speed Extrude Blow Molding Machine
                      Steam Sterilizing System

                      Since its establishment, Morglory International has always maintained the spirit of: “Sincerity, Practicality, Professionalism and High Quality” to bring the philosophy of “professional service with quality” into daily practice, which has made Morglory International a highly professional team in regard to technological machineries. Thanks to the support and trust from our customers over the years, we have developed from a sole distributor of ejection molding machines and food machineries to an engineering company that provides integrated services: “technical design, sale with installation and after-sale service”. Our plastic machineries include: cameras, plastic lenses, computer connectors, mobile phone parts, light guiding plates and cosmetics. Our food machineries include: beverages, dairy products, cakes and pastries, as well as instant noodles and health products, by which we have gained the required expertise to offer customers excellent technical service.

                      For a future perspective, Morglory International will maintain its innovative technology, professional service and re-modified quality to face the challenge of this hi-tech era. At the same time, we also expect to progressively develop the Company into an international corporation, so that we can continue to expand our business region and share the fruits of mechanical technology with you for our mutual benefits.





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