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            Total Solution For Precision Injection Molding System
            Injection Molding Machine
            Plastic Processing System
            Mold Control System
            Robot for Injection Molding System


            Product Automation System
            Total Solution For AutoMatic Powder & Granule Ingredient Handling System And Blow Molding
            Powders Storage, Conveying and Distributing System (IBC)
            Granule Storage, Conveying and Distributing System
            Fully-automatic High-speed Extrude Blow Molding Machine
            Steam Sterilizing System

              Injcetion Molding Machine

            • FANUC LTD. ( Japan )
              Fully-electric injection molding machine
            • UBE MACHINERY CORPORATION LTD. ( Japan )
              Fully-electric injection molding machine
              Hydraulic injection molding machine
            • SANJO SEIKI CO., LTD ( Japan )
              Vertical injection molding machine
              Belt injection molding machine
              Embedded injection molding machine
              LIM – Liquid injection molding machine
              MIM – Metal powder injection molding machine and various molding automations
             Plastics Processing System
            • CONAIR GROUP.INC ( USA )
              Raw material conveyor
              Dehumidification and drying equipment
              Measurement mixing system
              Scrap crushing and recycling system
              Energy Smart drying and conservation system

            • TAKAGI INDUSTRIAL CO.,LTD. ( Japan )
              Vacuum dehumidifier

            • STOLZ CO.,LTD. ( Japan )
              Optical lens dehumidifier
              Engineering plastic dehumidifier
              Plastic recycling and crushing system

              Mold Control System
            • SIGMAX CO.,LTD. ( Japan )
              Mold monitoring system
            • BOE-THERM A/S ( Denmark )
              Optical molding and temperature control machine
              Molding and high temperature control machine
            • HB-THERM AG ( Switzerland )
              Precision molding and temperature control machine

             Robot for Injection Molding System

            • FANUC LTD. ( Japan )
              Intelligent Robot
            • THE SAILOR PEN CO.,LTD. ( Japan )
              Full Servo Automatic Extraction Robot
            • HI-MORE ROBOT CO.,LTD. ( Taiwan )
              Fully-automatic Robot
             Product Automation System
            • THE SAILOR PEN CO.,LTD. ( Japan )
              Cutting and arraying automation system
              Embedding and molding automation system
              IMF molding automation system
              In-mold labeling automation system
              Assembling and automatic packaging system
              Checking and storage system
              AGV transporting system and various molding automation system
            • KAZAMA ENGINEERING CO.,LTD ( Japan )
              Fully-automatic pouring gate cutter
              Fully-automatic lens assembler
              Lens fuser and press
              Lens ink marker
              Appearance checker
              Optical automatic production system and other automatic mechanical designs
              Electromechanical production integrating
              project/vibration feeder
            • SYNERGY AUTOMATION CORP. ( Taiwan )
              Plastic lens cutter
              Automatic mechanical design/electromechanical production integrating project/vibration feeder
             Other Products
            • Nitrogen generator for lens molding
              Molding machine with servo threading motor system
              Pulse cooling system
              Hydraulic unit
              Optical lens molds
              Molding accessories


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